Installing Kaolin should be really easy, especially if you work in virtual environments.


We STRONGLY recommend using virtual environments for use with Kaolin (and in general too)!

Run the following command, from the root directory of this repository (i.e., the directory containing the file).

$ python develop

To verify your installation, fire up your python interpreter and try executing the following statements.

>>> import kaolin as kal
>>> kal.__version__

You should then be able to see the version of the library installed.

Build documentation

Optionally, you might want to build the docs on your local machine. As sphinx has already been installed as a dependency, you only need to do

$ cd docs
$ sphinx-build . _build

This will build docs into the docs/_build directory. To access the docs, open docs/_build/index.html in your web browser, and voila!

Run unittests (optional)

Another optional step. If you wish to run unittests, from the root directory of the repository (i.e., the directory containing the main file), run

$ pytest --cov=kaolin/ tests